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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

NYRR 8000 coming up Saturday

Firstly, last Saturday was so awesome for me. The weather was perfection! 60ish degrees, sunny, with a crisp coolness along the Hudson. I was able to run the whole 6 miles, slowly. It was like taking a bite of chocolate after giving it up for lent for 40 days, although Jews don't have anything like lent...but I can imagine how tasty that would be. That was Saturday's run for me.

There was a lovely group of woman running, and it made me think, where are all the cute single men for all these gorgeous, fit, smart women of Team Joe?- those that are single, anyway (I don't want any angry boyfriends and husbands coming after me...). I am known to be quite the yenta, and since I have set up 2 couples, it is my goal to set up just 1 more, thereby going straight to heaven and giving me a clean slate for all the mischief I have wrought in my life.

Men, if you are cute, single, educated, have a job, are fit, don't live with your mama, can cook and clean, give up your seat on the subway for old or pregnant women, don't scratch yourself in public, then you should come on down for a Saturday run! The ladies aren't picky, except for those few stipulations...

But I digress...this Saturday, March 14th is the 8000 Meter Race, 5 miles in the park. This will be the beginning of the racing season 2009 for us. What a great way to kick it off and also to see the park in the nascent days of Spring!

The race is full, but if you are already running it, we will see you there! Go Team Joe!

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conejo bombillo said...

thanks for the run i had so much fun :)