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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We showed THAT 15k!

Colon Cancer last Sunday was a GREAT race for all the Team members who participated! Participating were Kryssie("The Greyhound" 1:08:14, 7:20 pace, gender place 36, age place 2nd!!), Anthony ("The Wallabee" 1:22:04), Moi("GRubs"1:22:04), Pooja("The Pundit Bandit"1:22:07), Jen ("Jenkins" 1:26:50), and Christopher ("That's Judge Christopher to you.."1:36:58).

It started out with Anthony & Pooja taking off at an 8ish pace, Jen, Christopher and I decided to run at a leisurely pace of 10mms or so. After 2 miles, I realized I had Anthony's very important Goo("Unfortunately Orange"). I needed to find him and deliver the goo, and so I took off like I had somewhere to be! It took me literally 3 miles to find him and Pooja, so I must have been running about 8 mm. Mile 5, I saw them in the distance, got up behind Anthony and leaned my arm on his shoulder, dangling the goo, as if I'd been there all along! heehee...

We all 3 finished the race side by side, with an 8:49 pace overall.

Today is Tuesday, and I am pretty sore. We weren't jogging, we were running, pulling at the ground with our feet and thighs. It was elating!

Next week there are no races, but the week after, we'll be in DC doing the Cherry Blossom race. Really it's more a vacation with an excuse.

p.s. In the Colon Cancer 4-miler, 2 more Team Joeys ran: Lysa("leader of Jeff") and Jeff ("Leader of Chihuahuas"). They ran it together in 47:14!

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