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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ran 6 Friday(then ate), 6 Saturday(ate more), 10.5 Sunday(really ate a lot)

Will I actually lose any weight or is it all a wash, when way I live is this? happy,, 3.see friends,,,6. eat...and 7.maybe do a little work, but have a snack handy.

So far, in my "6 by 36" game, I have lost 4 pounds...probably all water. I have been running a good amount, though, so maybe I can tell myself it's actual weight I've lost.

Here was how my weekend kinda went:

Friday evening we ran 6 miles, then went to Quinto Pino on west 24th street. Had a glass of Spanish wine and some head cheese (delicious, just don't ask what it is composed of...). Then we moseyed on over to Co., Sullivan Street Bakery's new pizza place. There, we had some more wine, 2 small pizzas and a pizza bread to start. To be honest, we took a full pie home, but still ate quite a bit. Oh, and we also ate a salad.

Saturday at the Joe run, we did 6 miles again, then took Mary T. out for brunch (excuses, excuses) for her birthday to Market Table on Carmine.  I  ate a little off everyone's plate. Yes, I am one of those scavengers you have to lay down the law with. I like to share. There are sharers and non-sharers. You know which one you are.

THEN, Saturday night, one of our team members had friends in town from London, so 8 of us went to Alta on west 10th street for "The Whole Shebang", $400 for everything on the menu. It was a whole lotta food, but somehow we managed. And squeezed in dessert.

Sunday, with the excuse of helping out our friend Ani run her 20 mile Boston Marathon long run, but really just needing to sweat out all the toxins and calories, we ran 10.5 with her in Central Park. It was a long run. We did great though, and so we decided to treat ourselves to a nice lunch.

I somehow had a hankering for Congee, which is something like Chinese oatmeal...leftover rice porridge with odds and ends thrown in.  We decided to go to the source, Congee Village (link above)! With a name like Congee Village, it had to be good, right?

Lucky for us, Congee Village turned out to be great! Somehow, we managed to finish 2 bowls of the stuff. My congee had preserved egg and duck and was very flavorful. It was $2.95. Recession Special.

Despite all the "new and hip" places we went to, all of which were great, I think Congee was the best meal we had all weekend.  It really hit the spot. Hopefully it just won't stick to the spots - like my thighs.

Luckily, there's always more running to do to burn all the great NYC eating off of me.

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