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Monday, August 31, 2009

Changing subject for now..

I never want to be that know the one who goes on and on about being engaged, her fiance (that word just makes me think of Seinfeld..i.e."the dingo ate your fiance"...), the wedding(cake, bridesmaids, giant pouffy dress - blech!). Anyone who knows me knows I am not that girl. I am the girl who slings coffee for a living. Who does races, gets her hands dirty cooking, wipes spit-up off her shirt every time she visits her niece Sally(Oh, Sally!). 

In short, I like to think of myself as earthy, humble, salt-of-the-earth.

In other words, that last blog was making me self-conscious, so I am changing the subject.

Off to Hong Kong Wednesday to check out the running scene. Ok, it's actually in the 90 degree range and 85% humidity there right now, so I'm not sure there will be running.

I'll tell you what there will be in Hong Kong: Massive eating, shopping and a crazy 7 1/2 hour cooking class! In the words of my Grandmother Belle, Oy Vey Iz Mir!

I miss all my Teamsters and can't wait till I can run with you again, September 12th!

p.s. I will show you the hardware when I see you. It's really beautiful.

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