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Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Real 1/2 Marathon Story.

First let me comment on the above pictures from today's race...(sounds of flatulence). Yes, that bad. I'd really like today to just be over and for me to be sleeping, so I'll get right to the point. It sucks to run long distances in the muggy heat of August. Period.

Alarm wet off at 5:30. By 6a.m., bagel toasted, coffee brewed, banana peeled. Visor on, ipod in fanny pack(cringe...but necessary), vanilla goo(only palatable flavor). In cab by ten past 6, and at race corrale by 6:30.

15,000 runners lined up, led by Paula Radcliffe, my personal hero (ran while preggers), and toilet paper in porta-potties.

7a.m. race starts. 7 1/2 miles in Central Park, then exit at 7th ave and 59th street. Run through Times Square, across 42nd street and down the West Side Highway. Hotter and more humid by the minute. Anthony was having leg pain and I had to go on without him(Jewish guilt ensued).

Did I mention that last year I vowed "never again!" to this race? How did I end up on the same lonely stretch of highway in the sweltering heat yet again? Ask Anthony.

Race ended, I found Anthony and we found the R train to Prince Street. Showered and we were off to dim sum at Jing Fong 20 Elisabeth street with our new friends PBDS(Powered By Dim Sum). We sit, Anthony turns green(pea soup color). I send him home in taxi. I eat copiously. I return home to check him for pulse. Pulse strong. I ask for new vow for end of the cycle of violence (to ourselves. No more half-marathons in summer).

p.s. really poor photos Simon Bird.

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Juli said...

Poo! Well at least it LOOKS like you had fun!

I finally made it over to the High Line for a sunset stroll. Wow! New favorite place.