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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cherry Blossom Festival Race Results: Live Blogging

These are official results. It was a great race today!

This was a 10 mile race. Everyone had great times!

Kryssie: 1:11:01, 7:07 pace
Kristine: 1:14:49, 7:29 pace
Ani: 1:16:25, 7:39 pace
Anthony: 1:26:22, 8:39 pace
Jen "Jenkins" 1:29:35, 8:58 pace
Gabrielle 1:29:35, 8:58 pace

From the 5K, Lysa ran a 33:34, 10:48 pace.

Gorgeous day here in DC! Cherry Blossoms everywhere. Race started at the foot of the Washington Monument.

I highly recommend doing this race, as there are many things to spend a weekend seeing, mostly free, and some great food!


Christopher said...

Nice going! Hope the cherry blossoms weren't too distracting.

Kali said...

Is there really a JOE on the upper west side on Columbus?? Or will you be opening one soon?

Anonymous said...


Great to see you doing so well!

All the best,