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Monday, April 20, 2009

Pirate Running!

Ran the 4 Mile Run As One race Sunday. Ran fast, too. 

If you look it up on the NYRRC site, you will notice my name is not among the finishers. That is because I forgot to sign up but didn't realize it until Tony C. tried to pick up my number. Oops.

I thought about getting to the race early and signing up, but then I thought, what would it be like to just crash the party, do something not quite kosher, be a rebel runner? More than that, I just wanted to sleep till the last possible moment. Story of my life. Plus I'd save $17, and I didn't need another t-shirt.

These are the results for the actual rule-followers, the squares, the do-gooders:

Jeremy ran a 6:54 pace, 27:38 for 4 miles. 
Anthony ran his fastest race with an 8:05 pace, 32:21 
Christopher ran a great race also, 9:47 pace, 39:11

Me? I ran something like an 8:35ish pace, finishing in about 33:35 or thereabouts. Would have been nice to have an actual score I guess...

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